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Telephony covers some topics associated with international telephone calls:

Dialling codes

The Country Code Decoder pages show the international dialling codes (excluding the international dialling prefix, if any) for all countries with a telephone service.

Search facilities allow dialling codes to be found from country names, and vice-versa. Codes for United States and Canada are taken to the state or province level.

The database also provides the time difference relative to UCT (GMT) for each country.

How reverse-charge calls are billed

IBS Projects demonstrate some aspects of IBS working. To preserve commercial security, some pages have been restricted.

Collect Calls: Connections and Pricing.

Pricing describes the principles determining the cost of International Collect Calls, and describes in detail the connection methods.

Call Connections (opens in new window or tab) is a presentation showing the methods used to connect International Collect Calls, and the paths taken by the associated billing records.