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2011040102 Email to Ronx

Post to emulated FrontPage Discussion Web


The notes on this page relate to the equivalent form fields in a FrontPage Discussion Web. This page will post messages to the discussion web, but they cannot be seen by other users, and will expire when your browser is closed.


What is this post about? Short and descriptive.

For a new thread, the Subject box will be empty, waiting to filled by the user.

For a response in an existing thread, the Subject box will contain the original threads subject.

Who are you?  The name (or nickname) of the user completing the form. Some means of identification is always desirable.

This field has been edited to show the main topics covered in this web site. Also validation applied to disallow the 1st choice.

The Category field allows the user to post remarks concerning a particular Genre, without it being mentioned in the Subject. In a discussion web that ONLY deals with fruit, the categories may be Apples, Oranges, Pears, Cherries etc. and subjects (and comments) will be related to one of those categories.

FrontPage has a feature that the Category used for a response in an existing thread is not pre-selected - some may call this a bug.


This field contains the message being posted.
Although not standard in a FrontPage Discussion Web, the ReCaptcha dialogue has been inserted to reduce the number of posts made by bots - a FrontPage discussion web is a magnet for "spambots", which cannot read (or ignore) the statement above:
"... [the posts] cannot be seen by other users, and will expire when your browser is closed."
  The Reset button sets the all the fields' contents to their initial state when the page was last loaded or refreshed. This does not necessarily clear the form (the subject in a response to an existing message will be reset to its original value, if it has been changed).

The Post Article button submits the form contents to the FrontPage Server Extensions.

The extensions create a new page in the _disc folder named 0000nnnn.htm where 0000nnnn is an eight digit number with leading zeros. Each post gets the next number in sequence, starting at 00000001.

Additionally, the TOC (Table of Contents) is updated and the post added in the appropriate place. (In this web, that will be at the end of the TOC.)

Finally, the Date and Time the post was made and the users IP address will be saved (this is set in the form properties). The IP address alone is generally not useful since most web users will have a different IP address each time they start their PC or Internet session,  or they will share the same Public IP address as everyone else on their LAN.

Last changed: 11-Jan-2014