Interactive Buttons in Shared Borders or FrontPage includes

Using Interactive Buttons in Shared Borders or Include Pages involves overcoming problems and restrictions in the Web construction. These pages describe the problems encountered building these pages, and the solutions found.

In this web, Interactive Buttons are placed into the top border area of the pages shown in the following table. The table also shows how the pages were constructed (shared border, include page, DWT) and how they fare in real life.
The first eight pages are merely examples; the remaining pages show how to make the pages, and how to fix them.

Page Location Shared Border (containing IBs) Include Page DWT Use
Button 1 pages1/button1.aspx   _borders/left.htm   Ticked checkbox
Button 2 pages2/button2.aspx   _borders/left.htm   Ticked checkbox
Button 3 pages2/button3.aspx left     Ticked checkbox
Button 4 pages1/button4.aspx left     Ticked checkbox
Root in_root.aspx left     Broken
Borders Two pages2/buttontest.aspx left, bottom     Broken
DWT Page pages1/dwt_page.aspx     dwt/pages.dwt Ticked checkbox
Root DWT root_dwt.aspx     dwt/pages.dwt Ticked checkbox
Interactive Home index.html   left_inc.htm* dwt/button-site.dwt Ticked checkbox
Restrictions restrict.htm   left_inc.htm* dwt/button-site.dwt Ticked checkbox
How To howto.htm   left_inc.htm* dwt/button-site.dwt Ticked checkbox
Work Arounds workarounds.aspx   left_inc.htm* dwt/button-site.dwt Ticked checkbox
Trouble Shoot troubleshooting.aspx   left_inc.htm* dwt/button-site.dwt Ticked checkbox

*Note: The included file is included in the DWT. Paths in the IB JavaScript are correct when using the combination of DWT and include in this manner.

The pages were built using the GUI (Design View) of FP2003; code view was used for reference, but not for direct editing  (except for adding HTML that cannot be added from the GUI, for example <code>..</code> tags).

The stability of the finished pages can best be described as quirky - in my opinion the effort required in overcoming the restrictions and correcting mistakes is not worth it.

Once the page is done - it is done and will remain stable, but re-editing the page, or the includes/borders, can remove JavaScript from the <head> section, or corrupt the <body> tag in the finished page. See Work Arounds

A better method of incorporating Interactive Buttons on many pages is to use Dynamic Web Templates (DWT).


Although this web was built as a subweb, the text implies that the pages are located in the root of the web; all the principles discussed apply equally to both root webs and subwebs.

The restrictions outlined in restrict.htm make the whole method of using Interactive Buttons in Shared Borders or Include Pages impractical in many cases. However, for the inquisitive and foolhardy, "How To" explains the process of using Interactive Buttons in shared borders. Include pages may be used in a similar manner.