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Add a link to a pop-up window

Add a link to a pop-up window to a FrontPage navigation bar ] mail-to hyperlink ] FP Nav Bars ] pop-up link example ] [ link to Pop-up ]

  • First, open a page and type some text. Use Use this text to create a normal link to a pop-up window. Using Jimco's Spawn, (download from Jimco Software*) this link will be similar to:

    [this is all on one line]

    <a href="/fp/"
    '625','790','center','center','pixel');return false;">link text</a>
  • Highlight and Copy (Ctrl+C) the function name and parameters, that is:
    [again, all this should be on one line]

  • Switch to Navigation View
  • Right-Click on the Home Page, and choose Add External Page or Add Existing Page (depends on version of FrontPage)
  • In the Address box, type: javascript: then Ctrl+V , that is paste in the function and parameter list.
  • Click OK
  • Change the text in the new yellow box (with a globe in the bottom
    left) to whatever should be displayed in the link.
  • Go back to your page and delete the temporary link.

The finished link bar will resemble: ] mail-to hyperlink ] FP Nav Bars ] pop-up link example ] [ link to Pop-up ]

Every page that uses this link bar must have the pop-up javascript
included in the <head> section. Or place the code in an external .js
file, and link every page to the .js file.


<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="rxsprogs.js"></script>

which should be placed in the <head> of every page.

*Spawn is only available for Expression Web 1 and 2, the versions for FrontPage are discontinued