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Add a mailto link

Add a mailto: link to a FrontPage navigation bar ] [ mail-to hyperlink ] FP Nav Bars ] pop-up link example ] link to Pop-up ]

  • Switch to Navigation View
  • Right-Click on the Home Page, and choose Add External Page or Add Existing Page (depends on version of FrontPage)
  • In the Address box, type:
    Change the email address to whatever is required.
  • Click OK
  • Change the text in the new yellow box (with a globe in the bottom left) to whatever should be displayed in the link.
  • Move the yellow box to wherever you really want it in the navigation structure.

The finished link bar will look like this: ] [ mail-to hyperlink ] FP Nav Bars ] pop-up link example ] link to Pop-up ]

Note that having a mailto: link in this fashion is opening the door to spammers. Spammers look for mailto: links.

The address does not exist, and never will. "" is a domain reserved for examples and demonstrations.