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Remove Shared Borders with Find-and-Replace in FrontPage 2003

This is (in theory) the easiest method, but when using FrontPage 2000 or earlier can be laborious. Global Find and Replace in FrontPage 2000 involves opening every page individually and clicking a button (FrontPage finds the pages) to perform the replace action - hence the limitation to small sites. FrontPage 2003 will perform the replace action automatically. Also FrontPage 2003 can use regular expressions which makes the operation very easy.

Use the Find and Replace function to remove the shared borders meta tag. One search is required using regular expressions in FrontPage 2003 to delete all possible variations of the tag.

The Shared Border meta tag can take either of the following forms:

  • <meta name="Microsoft Border" content="tlrb, default">
  • <meta content="tlrb, default" name="Microsoft Border">

where default' may be missing and "tlrb" may vary in number and order of letters, and may be spelt 'none'  - over 160 possible variations between the two generic tags! Whereas FrontPage 2003 can use regular expressions, earlier versions may have to do those 160 individual searches ... or just open every page and delete the meta tag. "Small web sites" was mentioned earlier...

To perform the Find and Replace in FrontPage 2003:

Find and Replace dialogue

  • Open the Find and Replace dialogue (Edit->Replace)
  • In the Find box type:
    <meta.@name=\"Microsoft Border\".@>
  • Ensure the Replace box is completely empty.
  • Tick the boxes: "Regular expressions" and "Find in source code"
  • Select the radio "All pages"
  • Then Click "Replace All"

FrontPage 2003 will delete all the meta tags containing name="Microsoft Border"  from every page, and list the pages found.

When the tags are deleted, run Tools->Recalculate Hyperlinks to update the pages (and remove the borders) - the shared borders will now be gone.