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FrontPage Guestbook Layouts

How the FrontPage Guestbook results layouts appear on a page

The form below is based on the default FrontPage guestbook. Note that the life of most new comments posted is extremely short , and will not be displayed to any other user (some may be retained for general viewing). Comments can be viewed Scroll Down the page in any of the methods used by the FrontPage Guestbook, illustrating the different possible layouts and formatting.

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Posted by Ron on 24/07/2012 03:25:12

1 - This comment, as are all others, is formatted according to the "Choose the display method" setting.

2 - There are four paragraphs numbered from 1 to 4 (except paragraph 3). This is the second paragraph.

4 - The third paragraph is an empty line. This is the fourth paragraph. It has been made deliberately longer than all the other paragraphs to show how long paragraphs are handled by the formatting options.

Posted by Anon on 24/07/2012 03:25:12

Can anything be done about spammers with the FrontPage Guestbook?

Posted on 24/07/2012 03:25:12

Is a guestbook really necessary?