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Configuring a FrontPage form with Expression Web

Configuring FrontPage form properties in Expression Web

The form (image below) is configured to save the data in a CSV file located in the website's _private folder, and also to email the form data. Note that the email address used here does not exist.

Design Pane showing the completed pageThis is the complete form in Design View.

The text boxes, buttons and text area retain Expression Web's default field names.

Form Properties Dialogue - General tabRight click anywhere in the form in the Design pane, and choose Form Properties. This dialogue appears.

Form Properties - completedSelecting Send to  means the form will be processed by the FrontPage Extensions. Completing the email and file fields adds the form data to a file, and sends a copy via email.

Form OptionsClick the Options button for the next properties page (Saving Results).

On the File Results tab, the details for the file formatting can be set.

Form properties - Email tabSimilarly, on the E-mail Results tab, formatting details for the email are available - for a long form avoid the HTML options since the results are likely to be partially lost (known bug in the extensions since FrontPage 98 extensions introduced in 1997). Also, the fields in the email will be in the same order as in the form, except text areas will always be last.

confirmation page tabThe Confirmation Page tab allows a confirmation or Thank You page to be specified.

Unlike FrontPage, Expression Web does not allow the use of confirmation field webbots (unless typed in in Code View), so the confirmation page will most likely take the form: "Thank you for your data".

The default page (generated by the extensions) will show the data entered, but it cannot be styled to fit in with the rest of the web site, nor edited in any way.

Saved FieldsThe Saved Fields page allows fields to be selected - those not listed will not be uploaded. In this example the Submit Button has been removed.

email recipientWhen saving the edited property sheets this message may appear. Click No. When the page is published the problem depicted in the message will not exist.