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Managing Changed and Unmatched files

Alternative ways to publish Changed files or delete Unmatched files

EW4 Publish tab -Unmatched filesUsing the Publishing tab in Expression Web and/or FrontPage 2003 it is possible to publish files to a server. This is explained, in detail, in the help files provided. Expression Web 3 and 4 provide addition options - the publishing pane can be set to show changed files, files in conflict and (EW4) unmatched files.

However, when a large site is involved, displaying (and subsequently publishing) files using those extra options can take a very long time (depending on the connection between PC and server). Expression Web 3 and 4 has changed the method for automatically deleting unmatched files from the destination website - in FrontPage and Expression Web 1 and 2 the unmatched files were deleted when publishing changed files, in Expression Web 3 and 4 the unmatched files are deleted when publishing All files. With a large website, publishing all files may not be practical.

There are alternative methods.

Deleting Unmatched files

Sort by statusThis applies to Expression Web 3 and 4 only - FrontPage and previous versions of Expression Web do not have the required features.

With all pages closed, click the Publish tab. Set the view in Publish to All Files  then click the status column in the destination (right panel) web site to sort the file list by status. Clicking a second time will reverse the sort order - this usually brings the unmatched files to the top.

Select the unmatched files (Click the first, then either Ctrl-Click to select additional, individual files, or Shift-Click the last unmatched file in the list) and press the delete key. Confirm deletion. The selected unmatched files will be deleted almost immediately.

Publish New and Changed Files

Method 1

Publish - All files sorted by dateSet the view in Publish to All Files, then click the Modified Date column in the source (left panel) web  to sort in date order. This places the latest files at the top of the list of files. Select the files to Publish, and click the right pointing arrow to publish the selected files.

However, even getting the All Files view completed can take time with FTP on a large site, so ....

Method 2

This method does not use the Publish panes, instead the All Files Report is used. Since this does not open the destination site, the report is viewable in a reasonable time.

Open the All Files report - 

  •  in EW3 and 4 this is  View->Site->Files->All Files
  • in EW 2  use Site->Reports->Files->All Files
  • in FrontPage and EW1 use View->Reports->Files->All Files

All Files report - sorted by dateClick the Modified Date column heading to sort by date. This places the latest files at the top of the list of files. Select the files to Publish. Right Click the selection, and choose Publish selected files from the context menu. The files will be published (EW3 and 4) or uploaded (FrontPage, EW1, EW2). The difference between Publish and upload here is that publish will check for conflicts before uploading, but upload will just upload regardless. In both cases all meta data will be updated.