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Import Expression Web 3 Site Settings

How to copy Expression Web 3 site settings to Expression web 4

For Expression Web 3 the settings for each web site are located at
%Appdata%\Microsoft\Expression\Web 3\SiteData
and for Expression Web 4 the settings are at
%Appdata%\Microsoft\Expression\Web 4\SiteData

Each website has its own folder at these locations, which contains an XML file named user.config. To move the settings for a website from Expression Web 3 for use in Expression Web 4, copy this folder (and its contents) to the same location for Expression Web 4.

Type in location Translate %Appdata% Website data folders Website data revealed

To find the folder in Windows Explorer, type the location into the Windows Explorer address bar, the %Appdata% will be translated  to the correct place for the operating system used (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.)

Copy the foldersWith the website folders open in Windows Explorer, scroll through the Folders bar and use the + symbols to open the folders for Web 4 until the SiteData folder is revealed. Then right-click and drag the required SiteData folders from Web 3 to Web 4\SiteData. Choose Copy from the context menu when the mouse button is released, or the files will be moved and then be unavailable to Expression Web 3.