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Prepare a DWT for a replaceable Include file

Add a menu or navigation bar to a DynamicWeb Template using an included file

Dynamic Web Template

The DWT must be prepared to accept the included menu.

  • Open the DWT in Split View and move the cursor to where the link bar is to be placed in the Design pane.
  • On the menu, Format->Dynamic Web Template->Manage Editable Regions
  • Type in the name for this new region - say, menu, and click OK.
  • Expression Web and FrontPage 2003 will add the code:
    <!-- #BeginEditable "menu" -->(menu)<!-- #EndEditable --> and display (menu) in the Design Pane
  • The editable region is now added, and can be populated with a default link bar.
  • Save the DWT.

The editable region with the default menu will be included on all new and existing pages attached to this DWT. The menu can now be changed on individual pages as required, either by adding an include file (SSI or Design Time), by adding individual links, or any combination of the three.