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Include files to enable "changeable" navigation

Use an include file to change navigation for different sections of a web site when using a DWT or Masterpage

In some web sites it is necessary to use link bars that change according to the topic discussed in the page. Where each page is a "stand-alone" design - that is to say, no template is used - this is easy: just add the appropriate link bar or links.

However, when a Master Page or Dynamic Web Template (DWT) is used changing a menu becomes a little more problematic - the menus are often predefined in the Master Page or DWT. There is a solution: Include Files.

There are two types of include that can be used: Design Time includes, and Server Side Includes (SSI).

Server Side Includes can only be used on pages that do not use FrontPage Extensions, and in most websites must have an extension chosen from (among others) .shtm, shtml, .php, .asp, .aspx - in particular, SSI will not function in pages with .htm or .html extensions unless the server is especially configured for this, and then FrontPage extensions cannot be used.

Design Time Includes can be used in any type of page.

Design Time Includes are available in Expression Web, and all versions of FrontPage. See "include page" for instructions on placing the Design Time Include feature on a toolbar or menu in Expression Web. In FrontPage there is a menu item, or menu sequence, for Included Files (referred to here as Design Time Includes) but it is more convenient to place the Include File icon on a toolbar using the same method as for Expression Web 2 described in the Include Page article.


  • Example DWT/Include Page uses a DWT and Design Time include for the left menu.
  • This page uses SSI for the left menus (as do most of the other pages in this site).

The following sections will describe the changes needed for the DWT and Master Page, and then the include files.