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Included Pages in Expression Web

How to get the FrontPage Include Page feature in Expression Web

Expression Web v2 has the FrontPage design time Include Page feature, which is missing from Expression Web v1. However , the feature is initially hidden. To  use this feature in Expression web 2:

  • Open Expression Web
  • Click CustomizeRight click on a toolbar, and choose Customise.
  • Click on Commands tab
  • Insert menuClick on Insert in the left column to show all the Insert commands in the right column
  • Scroll down to the Insert Page icon (near the bottom of the column)
  • Drag the icon to a toolbarand drag the icon onto a toolbar or menu (or both)
  • Close the customise dialogue.

To use the feature, the page to be included must have a .htm or .html extension. The feature will include everything in this page that is between <body> and </body> tags - but not including these tags. Note that any script or CSS before the <body> tag will NOT be included in any page. This script and/or CSS must be inserted in pages independently.

  • Open the website in Expression Web
  • Create and save the page to be included
  • Open the page where the included page will be placed
  • Move the cursor to where the Included page is to be placed
  • Click the Include Page icon in the toolbar - or the menu option
  • Include Page dialogueIn the dialogue, browse to the Include Page
  • and Click OK
  • In code view, the included page will be specified in a webbot - the page contents will be seen in the design pane
  • Save the page.