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nortbots.htm error

What is the nortbots.htm error, and how to fix it.

nortbots Defined

nortbots stands for No Run Time Bots.

This indicates that the website serving nortbots.htm is unable to access the FrontPage extensions required for the page.

nortbots.htm is a page that FrontPage uses to show an error message to users in certain circumstances. The error message contained in norbots.htm is:

FrontPage Run-Time Component Page

You have submitted a form or followed a link to a page that requires a web server and the FrontPage Server Extensions to function properly.

This form or other FrontPage component will work correctly if you publish this web to a web server that has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.

Click the <Back> arrow to return to the previous page.

This message will appear if any of the following five conditions (these are explained below) are applicable:

  1. You are testing on a disc-based website, including a FrontPage or Expression Web disc-based web that is being browsed through a web-server.
  2. You are testing on a website that does not have FrontPage server extensions installed or running.
  3. The site (or form page) was FTPed from a disc-based web, or published using a FTP address for the destination, or published to a file system destination including a network share or UNC address (like \\machinename\path\webname), or to an address like C:\sitename . Publish must be to a URL of the form shown in the following examples:
    • http://servername
  4. The site was correctly published, but the extensions were not installed correctly or were mis-configured. Re-installing the extensions may correct the problem. Some forms (example Search) may not be supported by the server and may also show the error.
  5. There is a bug associated with FrontPage98 which causes this problem.

For conditions 1 to 3, the cure is usually to publish the pages or the whole site to a server running the FrontPage extensions, or (if not a disc-based web) to open the site on the server in FrontPage or Expression Web and run Tools->Recalculate Hyperlinks  (Site->Recalculate Hyperlinks in Expression Web)

Conditions Explained

  1. A disc based web is a website accessed through the file system, using a path such as c:\somepath\website. A "disc-based web that is being browsed through a web-server" is a website that was edited in FrontPage or Expression Web as disc-based, but is being tested using a web server. The web server could be the .NET Development Server. or a server on another computer accessed as a network share.
  2. The extensions may have been installed, but are corrupted or broken.   For this condition to apply, it is likely that 3 also applies, since breaking the extensions will not re-write the attributes in a page - the form in an existing page will simply fail.
  3. Using FTP may corrupt the extensions. When using HTTP to publish the website, a form's action attribute is changed to suit the server operating system and extensions. This does not happen when the form page is published using FTP. However, if the web is HTTP published from a server to a file system location (such as C:\path\website) then the action attribute is changed to point to _derived\nortbots.htm
  4. Incorrect installation or not configuring the extensions correctly will have the same effect as corrupted extensions - some things may work to an extent, such as publishing or opening the web, but others will fail, such as form processing. Re-installing the extensions may correct the problem.
  5. The only cure for this is to upgrade from FrontPage 98 to a more recent version.