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Problems involving Interactive Buttons: Some solutions

Interactive Buttons - Troubleshooting

Sometimes the Interactive Buttons will not work as expected.  The following shows problems and solutions found when building these pages.

Buttons do not appear on rollover (Red-X)

If using include pages or shared borders check that the restrictions on folders are being adhered to.  Remember all pages using the include or border must have the same relative path to the button images that the include/border page has.

Also check that the javascript behaviours are present in the <head> of the page - these behaviours can be lost, and Expression Web will not restore them when the buttons are in shared borders or include pages. See this workaround for a solution.

Rollover on Interactive Buttons do not function

Open the offending page, switch to code view, then to Design view and save the page.  Sometimes, particularly with shared borders, the JavaScript in the <head> section is removed.  This will always happen if the page opens in Code View, and is then saved.  Switching from Code View to Design View restores the code, when using FrontPage, but this does not happen every time when using Expression Web. An alternative cure is described in Workarounds.

The page will open in code view if:

  • The previously opened page was closed in code view, and all other open pages (if any) are in code view.
  • The page is opened as the result of a find operation where search HTML is ticked on the Find/Replace dialogue.

Image Preload does not work as expected

Open the offending page(s).  In Code View delete the
function call from the <body> tag (it may be easier to replace the <body... with <body>, but that depends on your design).

Remove at least one of the includes/shared borders containing Interactive Buttons and save the page.  Add the include/shared border back in.  This usually reinstates the preload image function, and corrects the image paths.  It may be necessary to remove and replace all the includes/borders.

Image Preload tries to load wrong buttons

If an Interactive button in a shared border or include page is changed or removed, the preload images call in the <body> tags of pages using that include/border may still show the removed button images.  The cure for this is as above (Image preload does not work as expected)

Mouseover on one button affects another in a different border/include

This is usually caused by the image ids being identical in two (or more) borders/include files.  See workarounds for the cure.