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How to use Interactive Buttons in shared borders

Interactive Buttons and Shared Borders

How To ...

These instructions are mainly for FrontPage - Expression Web does not support the creation of new shared borders, but will support new pages using existing shared borders.

Place the Interactive buttons in the Top Shared Border.  The button images are saved in the images/ folder, and pages using the top border saved in folders named pages1 and pages2

  • Create folders below the root.  All pages using the Top shared border will be located in these first level folders.
  • Create the pages for these folders.  Format -> Shared Borders and apply the top shared border.
    Make sure the Top Shared Border is not applied to the Home Page, nor to any other pages in the root folder.  At this stage  Interactive Buttons cannot be placed in the shared border.
  • Tools -> Site Options -> Advanced   Set "Display Hidden Folders and Files".  Refresh the web if asked.
  • Open top.htm in the _borders folder, and insert Interactive Buttons.  Link them to the pages in the first level folders.
  • FrontPage will generate JavaScript in the <head>...</head> section, the <body> tag, and onmousexxxx events in the links associated with the Interactive Buttons.
  • Switch to Design View, then save the page.  Ensure the buttons are saved to the images folder (you may have to change the folder in the save dialogue).
    All the JavaScript generated for the Interactive Buttons should be recreated in the pages the Top border is applied to.  (Note the word recreated - the JavaScript is NOT copied; any manual changes or custom script will not be inserted into the pages, unless it lies between the <body>...</body> tags.)
  • Test the pages.  Use Preview in Browser for testing, since Preview may give erroneous results. (See in_root.aspx)
  • In case of problems, see Trouble Shooting

Important:  If a page containing a shared border with Interactive Buttons is opened directly in Code View the JavaScript inserted in the <head>...</head> section may be removed - this is normally replaced by switching to Design View in FrontPage, but the code will have to be copied from another page when using Expression Web (or see workarounds.aspx).  If the page is saved while in Code View and with the script missing, the script will remain missing, and the Interactive Buttons will not work.
Pages built with Include Pages are less prone to this phenomenon.  Pages using a DWT are not affected.