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Set up a SMTP server (II6 and IIS5.1) - add a Domain

How to configure the SMTP service in IIS5.1 and IIS6 - add a domain

When domains are added the SMTP service intercepts messages addressed to these domains and places them in the Drop folder. Any emails not so addressed are sent to the Internet. If they cannot be sent (sometimes after repeated attempts), the emails are placed in the Badmail folder.

  • Expand the tree for Default SMTP Virtual Server and Right Click on Domains.
    IIS MMC opened to SMTP-domains
    This server has already been set up with the default domain, (machine-name) and an alias localhost.
  • Select New, and then Domain.
    SMTP Domain Wizard
  • Select Alias, then click Next.
    SMTP Domain Wizard - enter domain
    On this screen type in the new domain, e.g. and click Finish.
  • The result is:
    IIS MMC opened to SMTP domains
  • Finally, Right Click on Default SMTP Virtual Server, and select Stop. When the server has stopped, restart it. This brings all these updates to life.