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Discussion Web Form Properties

Explanation of Discussion Web Form Properties


Properties - click for full sized imageThis page is the entry to all the other Properties pages. The only useful button is the Options button, which when clicked gives access to the property sheets below.

Options-Discussion Tag

Options > Discussion tag - click for full sized imageThe Form Fields text box in the Table of contents layout section shows the fields that will display in the TOC. In this example the fields:

Subject, Category  From  and the Date and Time will be displayed.

Note the Subject field must be first in the list, or the subject in the Reply form will not be updated.

The Remote Computer Name (if selected) will display the Poster's IP address.

Note:  Some threads posted in this Discussion Web will not display the Category - the form properties were changed after several posts had been made.

Order newest to oldest will place new threads at the top of the TOC.

Options-Article Tag

Options > Article tag - click for full sized imageThe time format shown here shows the time and Time Zone. The time and Time Zone are taken from the Server.

For a server located in UK this might display:

 13:25:31 +0100
(if the post was made during British Summer Time)

Options-Confirmation Page

Options > Confirmation - click for full sized imageHere the URL for the confirmation page can be changed. The confirmation page "confirms" that an article or reply has been posted.