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Pages in the FrontPage Discussion Web

List of Pages in the Discussion Web


The following pages are created by the Discussion Wizard:

disc1_frm.htm or index.htm This is a frame set which holds all the other pages. disc1_frm.htm will only exist in discussion webs that are a part of the original, root web. In discussion webs that are created as a subweb, index.htm takes on this role.
disc1_welc.htm The initial main page. Some notes on what the discussion web is for and how to use it.
disc1_srch.htm A search facility, localised to the discussion web
disc1_post.htm The form used to post messages and replies to the web
disc1_cfrm.htm A page to confirm the post has been completed successfully
disc1_tocf.htm Lists all the posts in the web. Uses _borders/tocproto.htm as an include page.
_disc1/tocproto.htm Lists all the posts in the web. This page is updated by the Server Extensions when a new post is made, and included in disc1_tocf.htm
_borders/disc1_aftr.htm Bottom Border applied to posts as they are submitted
_borders/disc1_ahdr.htm Top Border included with posts as they are submitted. This Header is updated according to the number of posts, where they lie in the hierarchy (Start of a thread, in middle of a thread) so different links in the header are activated or disabled. The updating is done on every existing post whenever a new post is submitted, so posting may become a long process.
_borders/disc1_foot.htm Bottom Border for the main pages. (not applied to disc1_tocf.htm)
_borders/disc1_head.htm Top Border for the main pages. (Not applied to disc1_tocf.htm or disc1_welc.htm)

The first message. The posted message will have a top and bottom border appended (as FP Include Files). Subsequent messages will be named 00000002.htm, 00000003.htm and so on.

There is a bug in the FrontPage Discussion Web - when a large number of posts have been made (the number varies from system to system, but around 100 seems typical) the Table of Contents becomes corrupted. The only solution is to archive the active web, and start afresh with a new one before the corruption occurs.