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Prepare the PC

First, switch off the PC at the mains, but, if you can, leave the power lead plugged in. This maintains an earth path to permit static electricity to escape. Do not work on the PC with the electricity supply switched on.

Remove the side cover from the PC. There are two large screws on the back. Remove these, then the cover should be easily removed. The innards of the computer are then exposed. The innards are dust magnets - gently blow the dust out, do not touch any of the parts, and do not use a brush.

The innards will look a bit like this:


but may be a bit more cramped, with wires and cables getting in the way everywhere.


The parts we are interested in are the long, thin memory sockets, in the above picture they are just under the fan and gold object labelled "Gigabyte". This PC has four sockets, all populated with a stick of RAM

The picture below shows these in close up.

Memory slots in close up

Note that there are (off) white clips on each end of the socket.

The four sockets here are colour coded - two are red(ish), and two are blue. Where colour coding is in place, RAM should be inserted in pairs in the same coloured sockets - two equal sticks in each colour socket.

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