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Insert the memory sticks

Here, one stick of memory (second from the top of the four) has been removed. The socket has the clips opened out, and you can see the slot in the middle of the blue socket that the memory stick goes into. Your socket may not be blue - it might even be happy :).

Notice the "bump" near the middle of the slot. This is used to prevent the stick being inserted the wrong way round.

Memory Stick

The above is a stick of memory. Notice the slot in the bottom which goes over the bump in the slot.

When you handle the memory, do not touch the gold terminals on the bottom. There are 184 of these on a DDR memory stick and 240 on DDR2, (count them) and these are very sensitive to static electricity. Touch some metal in the PC case frequently to remove static electricity from your fingers.

Make sure the stick is the right way round, so the bump fits into the slot, and fit the stick into the slot. Gently press down and the clips will close and lock the stick into place. Do not help the clips to close - they will close on their own as the memory is inserted into the socket.

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