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Alternative Navigation View

Building a Navigation View or Site Map

A Navigation View or Site Map could be:

  • A list of all the pages in the web site
  • A categorised list of the pages in the web site
  • A structured diagram showing the pages in the web site

Below is an unstyled version of the main menu at the top of this page. It is based on nested lists of pages, and forms a site map. This is an alternative to the FrontPage navigation view.

Compare this with the image taken from FrontPage Navigation View in this web site:
(Click for larger image)
FrontPage Navigation View The contents of the FrontPage navigation view are limited in so far as only one copy of each page can be placed in Navigation View (unless custom link bars are used - these require the server to be running FrontPage 2002 extensions), which is limiting where dynamic pages are concerned. In the above site-map pages in the Telephony and Country Code Decoder sections are duplicated - with different parameters for different content.

In the image the grey Navigation box is set to not appear in any link bars.

Another use for Unordered Lists is described in more detail here.