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Difference between Copy and Publish

Copy or Publish - the Differences

What is the difference between Copying and Publishing?


Use Windows Explorer, an FTP client (excluding FrontPage and Expression Web) or webdav to copy or upload files from one location to another. All meta data folders (_vti*) and files will also be copied or uploaded - these should never be copied and will corrupt any FrontPage extensions on the target system.

Using FTP may change line endings in ASCII files to whatever the target system expects. Windows uses CRLF and Unix uses LF. Note that the files in _vti* folders are all ASCII files, but some extensions for these files may be for binaries, such as .jpg, .gif, etc.

FTP Publish (FrontPage and Expression Web):

As above, but in addition Meta data on the source website (if available) will be updated to record which files were copied to where. FTP Publish (in FrontPage and Expression Web) does not copy meta data folders or files ( _vti* ) to the target system, or update any meta files already on the target system.

HTTP Publish (FrontPage and Expression Web):

Copies files to the target website. In addition, code in some pages (those that use webbots - forms, search, etc) will be changed, updated or expanded to suit the target system. Meta data on both source and target will be updated. _vti* folders and files are not copied - they are created or updated on the target system (which is one reason why HTTP publishing is slower than FTP).