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Hidden Hit Counter

How to hide the FrontPage Hit Counter

Note:  This site does not use FrontPage extensions. The Hit Counter described here is a non-working image.

The hit counter on this page is hidden by using a hidden <div>.

<div id="counter">
<!--webbot bot="HitCounter" i-image="4" I-ResetValue="0" 
B-Reset="FALSE" I-Digits="5" U-Custom -->

CSS in the head sets the <div> to invisible. This will work in all browsers that support CSS2, including Netscape 4xx

The CSS for the hidden <div> is:
which can be seen if you view source.

Since the <div> is invisible, it can be located anywhere on the page, and the content can occupy the top of the page with zero margins.

Hover the mouse here to see the counter below - removing the mouse will hide it again. This feature need not be placed in your page.

 FrontPage hit counter simulation