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Convert Shared Borders to a DWT

Replace Shared Borders with a Dynamic Web Template

This method of converting from shared borders is best done on a disc based web, or WSS site; a server based web with FP extensions may slow the process considerably.

  • First back up your site by publishing all files (including any marked as "Do not publish") to another folder.
  • Open the _borders folder (use Tools - Site Settings -> Advanced tab and tick "Show hidden files and folders", if necessary)
  • Make copies of the border files - top.htm, left.htm etc. for use later. The copies are required because FrontPage may delete the shared border files when they are removed from the web pages in a later step.
  • Create a new page with your page layout, include areas with content replacing the shared borders. This content can be Include Files, using the copies of the border files.
  • Set up an editable region for the page content.
  • Save the page as a Dynamic Web Template.
  • Open a page and use Format->Shared Borders to remove the shared borders.
  • Make this setting (no shared borders) as the default for the web site. This should remove the borders from all pages that use the default settings, but not those that have been set up individually.
  • Attach the DWT to the page
    • Format-Dynamic Web Template->Attach Dynamic Web Template
    • Browse to the DWT to be applied
    • Click Open
    • You will be asked to confirm the location of the content area.
  • check that the editable regions match your requirements.
  • Save and close the page.
  • Now open the next page.
  • If it has shared borders (these were set individually, not as the web default), remove them as above.
  • Attach the DWT as described above.
  • Save and close the page.
  • Repeat for the remaining pages.
  • Note that if all pages have the default settings for shared borders, after
    the borders are removed, select all pages in the Folder List and apply the DWT to all selected pages. This will save doing all pages individually. The sequence here is:
    • Select the pages
    • Attach the DWT as described above
    • A progress bar will show the DWT being applied. You may have to specify (on each page) where the content area is on each page, but the default is the <Body> tag, so this is usually fast.
  • Check the pages - this is where the backup made earlier may be needed.