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FrontPage Discussion Web

How the discussion web is constructed


These pages are intended to describe the construction and workings of a basic FrontPage Discussion Web, as produced by the Discussion Web Wizard (DWW). They do not attempt to describe how to build the web, or customise it.

A fully working emulation of the FrontPage Discussion Web shows what could be done with a little styling and rearrangement of the default pages produced by the wizard. This uses a database to store the posts, and asp.NET pages to provide the functionality. It is meant to demonstrate the capabilities of the FrontPage Discussion Web, but is not a perfect emulation. New posts to this web have a very short duration, and a very limited (limited to the browser used to post them) audience.

The discussion web described here uses suggested values offered by the FrontPage Discussion Web Wizard. Some of the pages produced by the DWW have been edited to facilitate the addition of explanatory notes, and also (to reduce opportunities for SPAM) block new posts.

This Discussion Web uses Frames (but allowed for non-frames browsers), and provides input fields for Subject, Category, and Comments. The posts are indexed with latest at the top, with threading.

Form fields and other points are denoted with their use in the appropriate pages.

Start with a list of pages, the form properties and then the discussion web itself. The discussion web pages will open in a new window or tab.

Important - Owing to high levels of spam (inherent with the FrontPage Discussion Web) the forms will no longer post new items to the server.

Disclaimer - The comments made in these pages (excluding any posts made by others) are my own, based on a combination of guesswork and my observations and interpretations of the provided documentation and results. They may be accurate, or not.

Comments made (in the Discussion Web Posts) are not the responsibility of RxS Enterprises, or any of its agents. Any inappropriate posts will be removed.

As a result of large volumes of spam being posted, many pages have been removed from this discussion web. The ability to make any new posts or replies has also been removed for the time being.

This page also replaces pages linked to in posts that have been removed, but still exist in search engines.

The discussion web post pages have been retained (with forms that will not submit anywhere) in order to show how the discussion web is constructed.