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Publishing Messages

Publish status codes and messages

The following applies to both FrontPage and Expression Web.

Where the Publishing method is FrontPage Extensions only meta data is used for file comparison, date stamps are ignored. When FTP is involved date stamps on the server are compared with dates stored in meta data on the local PC.

conflict As far as FrontPage or Expression Web can tell (using a combination of the hidden meta data and date stamps) the pages on both sites have been updated without being published to each other - a variation in system time, on the local PC or the server, since the last publish operation may cause the status of "unchanged" files to become "conflict". Neither FP nor EW can tell which page is current.
publish This page will be published because the publish setting is for All Pages.
changed This file has been updated since it was last published, or the file has never been published, but a file with the same name exists on the other site.
unmatched This file does not exist on the other site.
unchanged This file is the same as the corresponding file on the other site
Don't publish This file has been set to not publish.