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Appearing - Disappearing Images

Hiding and Showing Images

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When either of the buttons, above left or above centre, are hovered over a picture will appear at the end of this row.
Spacer gifs can be used to ensure the receiving cell is large enough to surround the image, though these may not be necessary if the content of related cells in the table are suitably populated.
There is a problem to bear in mind:
The table may shift in different browsers, depending on the users settings, and what goes on the page before it. The position of the picture, however, will not shift.

A picture will appear here that will hide some, or all, of this text. When the mouse is removed from the button, the picture will disappear, and the text becomes readable again.

The third button could replace the spacer image, but in this case is too short.
The third button displays a second image in this row.
If the font is increased in size (with IE6 or FireFox 2 use a wheel mouse - hold the Ctrl key and scroll the wheel. Or, with these and other browsers, including FireFox 3, IE7 and IE8, use View->Text Size to change the text size, notice how this row of cells move down the page, but the image produced by mousing over the third button stays in the same place, whereas the images produced by the first and second buttons move with the text.