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Moving a website or subweb to a new computer

How to move an existing website from an old computer to a new computer

The following principles apply to moving a web from any computer to any other computer, whether one is located "on the internet" or on the next desk.


If the two computers are networked together (an Internet connection counts as Networked):

Make sure that the source location and destination location are both available - IP or web addresses known, and/or Network shares mapped in Windows Explorer. If the destination/source is a disc based web, you can only publish to/from a drive letter, not a machine name, so all network drives used must be mapped to drive letters.

If the source has FP extensions (or disc-based web):

Open the source web in FrontPage - this can be done from either computer.

  • File - Open Site/Web
  • Browse to the site, or type in the web address or path/foldername
  • Click Open

Publish to a location on the destination computer. The new location may be either disc based or on a web server.

If the source is not extended:

If the source web has no FrontPage extensions, open it in a third party FTP program, and FTP the entire site to a folder, then open that folder in FrontPage and convert to a FrontPage Web. In this case, themes, shared borders, include files, and navigation may have to be rebuilt manually.

Not Networked

If the two computers are not networked Publishing is still required, but must be done in stages.
Several methods are possible, including:

1 - Use the Internet

Open the source web in FrontPage and publish to an intermediate web on the Internet (must have FP extensions). If the web has subwebs then include subwebs in the publish.

On the new computer, open the intermediate web and Publish to a suitable location on the new computer.

2 - Use Portable Storage Media

On the old computer using Windows Explorer create a new top level folder e.g. C:\myweb

Open the source web in FrontPage and publish to the new folder. If the web has subwebs, then include subwebs in the publish.

Use WinZip (or similar product) to compress the new folder into a .zip file. This step is not essential, but may save problems later (see Note 1 below).

Burn the .zip file to CDR, or CD-RW, or if it is small enough, copy to a floppy disc or other storage media.

Moving to the new computer, expand the .zip file into the same folder as on the old computer i.e. C:\myweb.

Open this in FrontPage and publish to the desired location.

Note 1:

If the web is burnt directly to CDR without zipping, it becomes read only. Copy from the CD to the C:\myweb on the new computer, then remove the Read Only attributes on every file and folder within the web. This does not happen if CDRW, ZIP disc, external hard drive or flash memory is used as the portable storage media.

Rule # 1:

When moving an entire web (or subweb) in FrontPage never, never Import. Importing will only copy what the browser sees, and will leave some files behind. Among those left behind are:

  • Files not linked to the Home Page, either directly or through intermediate pages.
  • Files linked to by scripting or programming - JavaScript, VBScript, or JAVA
  • ASP source files, CGI/Perl source files, PHP source files - the HTML results of the scripts may be imported, however.
  • Database files
  • FrontPage navigation (Navigation View)
  • Themes
  • Shared Borders
  • Include Files
  • Form Results Files
  • Page Counter Files

Importing the site in Expression Web is not usually a problem, provided the Site->Import command is used, and the login credentials for the site are available.