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Stop FrontPage or Expression Web deleting files

How to prevent FrontPage (or Expression Web) deleting files that are held only on the server

Single File

A single file on the live website can be "protected" from deletion by using a file in the local web with the same name.

  • In the local web, create a file with the same name as the file to be protected, and save it in the same folder as in the live web.
  • Right click on the file
    • FrontPage 2000

      • Choose properties from the menu.
      • Choose the "Workgroup" tag
      • Tick the box "Exclude this file when publishing rest of the web"
      • Click OK
    • FrontPage 2002, 2003 and Expression Web

      • Select "Do not Publish" from the menu

Folder of files

This could be the Web Statistics files in some web sites.

The easiest way to stop these being deleted is to create a folder in the local web and convert this to a subweb. The method is the same in all versions of FrontPage (from FrontPage 2000) and Expression Web. Note that Expression Web must have metadata enabled in the local site.

Expression Web

  • With the local site open in Expression Web, use Site->Site Settings.
  • On the General Tab ensure that the checkbox labelled
    "Manage the web site using hidden metadata files"
    is ticked.
    Site Settings - General Tab
  • Click OK

FrontPage and Expression Web

  • Create a folder with the same name, and in the same relative location, as the folder to be "protected".
  • Right Click the folder, and choose "Convert to Web" from the menu.
  • There will be a warning message - click OK
  • The folder will be converted to a subweb. FrontPage and Expression Web treat subwebs as fully independent web sites, and unless told to do so, will not publish the contents of a sub web with the root web.

When publishing the web, FrontPage and Expression Webwill not overwrite, nor delete, the file(s) on the live site. If using the subweb method, make sure when publishing that subwebs are NOT published as well.