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Uploading to an FTP web site

How to set up a browser or FTP program

Uploading your files ...

All examples here are using a ficticious FTP site named The FTP upload address is the address to whatever is correct for your host.

  1. Using FrontPage 2000
  2. Using Internet Explorer
  3. Using an FTP program
  4. General advice

1. Using FrontPage …

See Uploading with FrontPage 2000

2. Using a browser …

In the address bar … type in-

Note that ftp://username:password@ftp.example.commay not work in the latest browser versions.Including the username and password in the address bar is a security risk.

MS Internet Explorer Address Bar

After connection, fill in the login dialogue, and your webspace will be displayed as if using Windows Explorer.Files may be dragged between this window and Windows Explorer or the desktop.

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3. Using an FTP program …

(The examples used here are taken from WS_FTP LE, but the parameters are used with all FTP programs)

User ID = username
Password = password
Host Address =

Set Userid, password and host details

username is only the part before, and not including, the '@' sign.

Upload files to folder = /pub.(this entry may be left blank).

Some hosts will require pages are uploaded to different folders, such as /html, /docs etc. This information should be obtainable from the host.

Set initial folders

After connection, WS_FTP LE shows two panes, the left shows files on your computer, the right shows your webspace.Moving files is intuitive.

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4. General Advice

  • If the host uses Unix servers, use index.htm or index.html as your first page - it's the page that 99% of Unix servers look for as a default.If the server cannot find this page it will display a directory listing of your webspace instead.Note that the name starts with a lower case "I" .
  • Unix servers are case sensitive - name all your files with lowercase filenames, and ensure that all links to your files are in lowercase as well.(For FrontPage 2000/2002/2003 users there is an addin at that will scan through every page and file, converting links and filenames to lowercase throughout your web.)
  • If your FTP client allows an "auto" mode (most do) make sure that all your text file extensions are listed in the file-types - in WS_FTP this is on theOPTIONSmenu, and choose the Extensions tag.

    Set text file extensions

    The most common text extensions are:
    • .asp
    • .aspx
    • .htm
    • .html
    • .shtm
    • .shtml
    • .js
    • .css
    • .php
    • .pl
    • .pm

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