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FTP Publishing with FrontPage 2000

How to publish to BT Internet with FrontPage 2000

From the FrontPage menu, choose FILE - Publish Web

Publish selected on File menu

In the dialogue, the "…location to publish your web to" is:

host entered in Publish dialogue

(Other options may be hidden, click the "Options" button to reveal)

Publish dialogue with all options showing

Tick the "include subwebs" box if all subwebs are to be published as well.

If this is your first time publishing with FP, also click the Publish all pages radio. For subsequent uploads you can click "Publish changed pages only". Publishing all pages enables FP to synchronise your PC with the pages on your live (BT Internet) site.

Click "Publish" and FrontPage willproduce the login dialogue:

User ID and Password dialogue

Name: your username (in lower case) Do not include "".This is the username you set up for your webspace.If you have not done this, then use the username you logged onto Bti/o with.
Password: your password (case sensitive) -(the password associated with the username above)
Note:There is no option to save the password.

The site should now be uploaded to BT Internet.

Single frame from

When publishing is complete, DO NOT click on the "view your published site" link - this will take you to the ftp root directory, and has very little to do with your web site - open a browser and view from

Finished publishing

The virtual address ( may take a few days to become effective

General Advice

  • BT Internet servers run on Unix.
  • Use index.htm or index.html as your first page - it's the page that 99% of Unix servers look for as a default.Index.html appears to work faster than index.htm
  • Unix servers are case sensitive - name all your files with lowercase filenames, and ensure that all links to your files are in lowercase as well.
  • Import files into your web BEFORE creating links to them.This will ensure that links do not point to your hard drive.
  • Try to avoid using Hover Buttons - these are JAVA applets, and depend on JAVA running on the viewer's PC.(Sometimes turned off for security reasons.)Windows XP and IE6 do not support JAVA, unless the viewer downloads and installs a JAVA Virtual Machine, either from Microsoft, or SUN.