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Web Publishing FAQ

The FaQs and tips here are largely aimed at users of FrontPage. However, many FAQs are pertinent to other scenarios and web page/site editors, such as Expression Web.

International Telephony

Country Code Decoder

Country<=>Dialling Code
Area Code<=>Country/State (USA or Canada)

The Country Code Decoder pages show the international dialling codes (excluding the international dialling prefix, if any) for all countries with a telephony service.

The database also provides the time difference relative to UCT for each country.

Search facilities allow dialling codes to be found from country names, and vice-versa. Codes for United States and Canada are taken to the state or province level.

Collect Calls

How International Collect calls are connected and billed.

A PDF file demonstrating the steps involved in connecting and billing international collect (reverse charge) telephone calls.

A very rough guide to pricing of international collect calls is also available.


Galleries include:

Ashford (Kent)

Scenes from and around the Town Centre in Ashford (Kent)


Production Car Trials

Ordinary cars negotiating extraordinary terrain.

Cars used in Production Car Trials (PCTs) are normal(?) production vehicles, with minimal modifications (though the Austin 7 [circa 1935] shown here does have a pair of stockings replacing the fan belt!)