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Country Code Decoder

Country Names starting with G

FlagCodeCountryTime Difference (GMT)GroupCommentInternet Code
Flag for 3434Canary Islands1SPAIN es
Flag for 241241GABON1  ga
Flag for 220220GAMBIA (Republic of the)-1BCW gm
Flag for 995995GEORGIA4 Formally part of USSRge
Flag for 4949GERMANY (Federal Republic of)1EU, NATO de
Flag for 233233GHANA0BCW gh
Flag for 350350GIBRALTAR1EU, BRD gi
Flag for 88188818Globalstar Inc GLOBAL  
Flag for 88198819Globalstar Inc GLOBAL  
Flag for 881881GMSS GLOBALGlobal Mobile Satellite System 
Flag for 88168816GMSS Iridium GLOBAL  
Flag for 88178817GMSS Iridium GLOBAL  
Flag for 8823488234Gobal Networks Switzerland GLOBAL  
Flag for 4444Great Britain0UKEngland-Scotland-Walesuk
Flag for 3030GREECE2EU, NATO gr
Flag for 299299GREENLAND (Denmark)-1 to -4  gl
Flag for 14731473GRENADA-4WIN, BCWincludes Carriacougd
Flag for 388388Group of Countries GLOBALShared code 
Flag for 590590GUADELOUPE (French Department of)-4  gp
Flag for 16711671GUAM10 was Mariana Islandsgu
Flag for 53995399Guantanano Bay-5 Cuba 
Flag for 502502GUATEMALA (Republic of)-6  gt
Flag for 4444Guernsey0UKD, CI gg
Flag for 224224GUINEA (Republic of)0  gn
Flag for 245245GUINEA-BISSAU (Republic of)0  gw
Flag for 592592GUYANA-4BCW gy

Where shown:

Time Difference is with respect to GMT (UCT)
Group links to a list of countries/codes related by politics, administration or geography.
Also, countries sharing the same country code, or with more than one country code, are "grouped".

Group Abbreviations

BCWmember of The Commonwealth of Nations
BRDBritish Dependencies
CIChannel Islands
EUEuropean Union or European Economic Community
GLOBALCode with Global coverage
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation
UKUnited Kingdom
UKDCrown Dependencies
WINWindward Islands

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