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FlagCodeCountryTime Difference (GMT)GroupCommentInternet Code
Flag for 3030GREECE2EU, NATO gr
Flag for 3131NETHERLANDS (Kingdom of the)1EU, NATO, BEN nl
Flag for 3232BELGIUM1EU, BEN, NATO be
Flag for 3333FRANCE1EU, NATO fr
Flag for 3434SPAIN1EU, NATO, SPAIN es
Flag for 350350GIBRALTAR1EU, BRD gi
Flag for 351351PORTUGAL0EU, NATO, POR pt
Flag for 352352LUXEMBOURG1EU, BEN, NATO lu
Flag for 353353IRELAND (REPUBLIC OF)0EUEireei
Flag for 354354ICELAND0NATO, EUC is
Flag for 356356MALTA1BCW, EU mt
Flag for 357357CYPRUS (Republic of)2CYP, BCW, EUCyprus (North) 90392cy
Flag for 358358FINLAND2EU fi
Flag for 359359BULGARIA (Republic of)2EU, NATO bg
Flag for 3636HUNGARY (Republic of)1EU, NATO hu
Flag for 370370LITHUANIA (Republic of)2EU, NATO lt
Flag for 371371LATVIA (Republic of)2EU, NATO lv
Flag for 372372ESTONIA (Republic of)2EU, NATO ee
Flag for 381381SERBIA1EUCformerly Yugoslavia 
Flag for 382382MONTENEGRO1EUCFormally part of the Yugoslav Republic 
Flag for 385385CROATIA (Republic of)1EUC hr
Flag for 386386SLOVENIA (Republic of)1EU, NATO si
Flag for 389389The Former Yugoslac Republic of MACEDONIA1EUC mk
Flag for 3939ITALY1EU, NATO, ITALY it
Flag for 4040ROMANIA2EU, NATO ro
Flag for 420420CZECH REPUBLIC1EU, NATO cz
Flag for 421421SLOVAKIA1EU, NATO sk
Flag for 4343AUSTRIA1EU at
Flag for 4545DENMARK1EU, NATO dk
Flag for 4646SWEDEN1EU se
Flag for 4848POLAND (Republic of)1EU, NATO pl
Flag for 4949GERMANY (Federal Republic of)1EU, NATO de
Flag for 9090TURKEY2EUC, NATO tr

Where shown:

Time Difference is with respect to GMT (UCT)
Group links to a list of countries/codes related by politics, administration or geography.
Also, countries sharing the same country code, or with more than one country code, are "grouped".

Group Abbreviations

BCWmember of The Commonwealth of Nations
BENBenelux - Begium, Netherlands and Luxembourg trading alliance (pre EU)
BRDBritish Dependencies
EUEuropean Union or European Economic Community
EUCEuropean Union candidate country
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organisation

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